If you would like to Donate or sponsor one of our animals, please click on the Donate button!  We thank you so much for your support for all of our friends at the Ranch!

Your donation will change an animal’s life!  At 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue, we work everyday to support the animals at our Ranch but they need constant care. Feedings, cleanings, medical issues, and housing them are all areas of need.  We are committed to providing the best possible care for their specific needs while they reside in their “Forever Home” at 2nd Chance. You can create hope for them, while also feeling good in the process.  Your donation provides healthy food, comfortable bedding, vital enrichment, and medical intervention for all our animals. Please donate today! As a 501©3 non-profit, all donations will receive a Charitable Donation Receipt from our office since all giving is a tax writeoff and 100% of your money goes directly to the animals.  Your generous donations are the reason we’re able to do what we do, and we thank you so much!


      Would you like to sponsor a specific animal at our Ranch? At 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue we have a very special group of sustaining supporters who provide a solid       foundation for specific animals we care for.  We rely on the generosity of these sponsors to ensure that we’re always ready to lend a helping hand to animals in crisis.

  • Donate $10 per month. For only 33 cents per day, you can provide toys & treats for our dogs & cats.
  • Donate $20 per month. For only 66 cents per day you can provide vaccinations & medication for our new barn residents.
  • Donate $30 per month. For only $1.00 per day you can provide training & enrichment for many of our animals at the Ranch.
  • Donate $40 per month. For only $1.33 per day, you can provide spay & neuter services to many of our animals at the Ranch.
  • Donate $50 per month. For only $1.66 per day, you can provide nutricious food for every animal at the Ranch.

     Your monthly gift, in any amount, directly supports our rescue efforts and helps save the lives of the animals who come to us .

     Healing Road

     Healing Road is designed to provide specialized medical care & treatment for animals like Butter Bean, who is waiting on his specialty surgery. He has Hypospadia.

     Whether it’s a lifesaving surgery or a simple procedure to alleviate pain or discomfort, we count on the generosity of our supporters to give these animals a second         chance!

      Legacy Gifts:        Legacy Gifts are a powerful way to help 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue continue our mission to rescue & nurture abandoned or relinquished                   animals long into the future .

    Legacy Gifts or planned giving can take many forms but all share a unique characteristic in that it allows you to ultimately donate more to help save the lives of                animals you never thought possible, while retaining the flexibility to donate conservatively during the course of your lifetime.

     A Legacy Gift can be:

  • A gift or “bequest” from you Will or Trust
  • Naming 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy
  • Naming 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue a beneficiary of your Retirement Plan (IRA)
  • Naming 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue a beneficiary of a savings, checking, brokerage or other “transfer on death account” (TOD)

     Each of these gifts will allow you to enjoy specific tax advantages as well, so we always recommend that you discuss with your personal financial planner or                       accountant first.

     Honor Cards:        You can honor a loved one by donating to 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue using our Honor Cards.  We work every day to support the animals who           come to our Ranch. Your donation provides healthy food, comfortable bedding, vital enrichment and medical care to all of our animals.   Make a donation of $50 or         more “in honor” of a friend or loved one and we will send a special card notifying them of your gift!

     Memorials:         Would you like to honor a pet who has crossed over on the rainbow bridge? If you want a special way to say goodbye, or offer condolences to a          friend or family member whose pet has passed away, 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue will post a memorial for your loved one. Suggested donation of $50, which will            help care for the animals at the Ranch.

    How Kids can Help!  We are often approached by teachers, parents and community groups with animal-loving children wanting to volunteer at the Ranch.  We are       thrilled at how many kids want to help!  Due to safety & legal restrictions,  we cannot accomodate volunteers under the age of 12 without a parent. There are many         other ways children can be involved with 2nd Chance Ranch & Rescue and have a direct impact on the lives of the animals in our care.

  • Social Media:  Use social media to help promote the Ranch, our events, and the animals who need support. Even sharing one of our posts can go a long way to helping a pet. Check out all of our social media links at the bottom of our page!
  • Hold a Supply Drive: Holding a toy, food or supply drive in your neighborhood is a great way to collect necessary items for the Ranch while also educating your community about the animals in our care.  Good places to host these drives are schools, churches or synagogues, or local stores.
  • Host a Party: Teach children the virtues of generosity & selflessness, while facilitating a more efficient birthday gift exchange that benefits both the gift giver and the gift receiver.  We would like to empower kids & equip parents to simultaneously reduce excessive gift giving by hosting birthday parties where guests bring gifts (or donations) for the Ranch, and then book a tour to deliver it so they can actually see where their gifts are going. 
  • Host a Lemonade Stand or Bake Sale:  A great way for kids to learn the importance of giving! These can be done at home or at school and are a great way to raise money to help all our animals at the Ranch!
  • Host a Car Wash Fundraiser: This is a great way for kids to learn the importance of giving with the added bonus of a hands on experience! All donations 100% go towards taking care of our animals!